Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friend's table

I have a friend who needed her table painted black. Her current living room furniture changed and she started to incorporate black. I asked her to be a guinea pig and let me try a new type of paint in black on her table. I wanted to see if it stood up to the wear and tear of everyday use of a coffee table. They always take alot of abuse. The finished product looks good. It went from colonial to much more updated. It is a great old table.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

antique dresser

Just finished this antique serpentine dresser. It is approx 75 years old. All wood. These are hard to find. Love the curved front. Bought this at an estate sale. It was a pale pink and then lime green before that. Found these great antique glass knobs online and bought quite a few. They are beautiful. Very different from other ones I have seen. I hate to use anything else. Love the glass knobs. Now I am looking for some kind of mirror to pair up with this.

childs chair

We just purchased a large group of old wooden student chairs. These are really sturdy and from days gone by. I thought they would look great with different children's characters on the seat. Thinking Christmas Already!!! We did this one with a baseball player. I am going to do about 8 or 10 more by the fall and decorate the window of the store with them.


Just finished a headboard and footboard for a customer. The headboard was in the family and they needed one to match a dresser that we did for them approx 4 years ago. I think it is great when people reuse their old furniture. It is a great form of recycling and it has a history behind it. I think it is better to have the quality old stuff then buying new that is imported and will not last.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bathroom Door

I was at work a few weeks ago and ran out of work to do, not planning very well. I had seen this waterfall picture in a book and since my specialty is furniture, I rarely do this kind of thing. It is foreign to me. I decided that I was going to try to paint the waterfall on the back of the bathroom door. Since the store is small, this is also our stock room. Everytime I open this door to get something, the customers quick look in to see what's inside. I thought if I put a scene on the inside of the door, it would create a diversion. They would have something to look at while I retrieved my stock. Now I want to try another scene in a different part of the store.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New pieces

Right now we are working on some beautiful old pieces that will be in the store by the first week of August: a corner cabinet, a gorgeous old record cabinet, an antique serpentine front dresser with glass knobs that I found at auction, and a sage green side table and headboard to match the sage green dresser we already have in the store.
We also are doing a lot of black lately. It seems to be the new standard. I ordered some great fabric from "Waverly" that will look great with black furniture. Can't wait for it to come in.

July-We were busy this month making over a desk for a customer who was redoing a room for her young daughter. I usually shy away from rolltop desks but I have known this customer since I started out approx 7 years ago and wanted to give it a try. It came out very pretty. She had done the room in the new colors of pink and brown with the large "retro" flowers. This made a pretty addition.

We also did a boy's room for a friend of a friend. She wanted the rain forest theme but I am not good with animals. I am still growing. I have trouble with the faces. She had the idea to buy some transfers, they are like removable decals, and place them among the painting. That way I was still able to paint the palm tree and branches and leaves and she was still able to have the cute animals around. I thought it looked cute when all was said and done.