Monday, September 29, 2008

gingerbread men

Move over pumpkins---I have started my gingerbread men. Love these guys and the personality on their faces. My favorite is to do them on teapots. Currently have a few in the store.

2 level table.

Found this great 2 level table at an estate sale. It has beautiful legs. Redid it in a soft white with lots of colorful flowers. Love it! This piece is currently on the website at

child rocker

Did this great little rocker for a customer. It was hers when she was younger and she redid it for her child. Hopefully, it will get passed down again as the years go by.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We did this wardrobe for a customer who loves color and who needed more closet space. This is just basically a closet on wheels. Plenty of storage. The base color is a very pale green, almost the color of sherbert. I love how it came out. We added the glass knobs and actually found a key for the lock and hung a pretty tassel on it. She liked the victorian look of the ovals so we put that on the front doors. It is nice and roomy inside.


I did a mailbox for a customer a few months ago. She loves the color combination of purple, yellow and berry. She picked out some roses that she wanted on the mailbox. Well, when I painted it and it was in the store, more people started asking for that very design. She picked a colorful mix that became quite popular. Now, someone came in and said remember that mailbox from a few months ago, can you paint one for me.?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

bistro set

We sold this great set in Ridgewood. We did it a "vanilla wafer". It came out real pretty. We have sold 3 small kitchen sets like this recently. I think they are great for a porch.

magazine rack

We painted this magazine rack for a customer. It was an old piece of hers that she loves. She loves color also and wanted it a teal. When I did it, I just loved the color also. I can't wait to use this color again. It really transforms a piece.

black dresser

We sold this great sleek black dresser today. When I bought it I felt it should be black. I wanted to put artwork on it, but my husband stopped me and said he thought it looked great the way it was. We sold it to a customer who is putting it in a second home in Penn. How great. I am glad it is in a setting like that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Muggy Ridgewood Show 9/14

Ridgewood was so hot, hot, hot. Some of the vendors looked as if they had heat stroke by the end of the day. We were lucky enough to be under a tree but most people were directly in the sun all day. The humidity was so bad!!!! All in all alot of people showed up and walked the street and stopped by to talk. All of our seasonal items sold and we are busy making more. It is a beautiful town with a lot of great shops and of course a starbucks. We also went to the pancake house afterwards (around 7pm) and had a great meal. They make all kinds of great stuff with portions so large it is hard to finish. Now we get a much needed break with shows. The next one is not until Oct 26 in Wayne. We are going to concentrate on the store at this time and of course, start Christmas!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ridgewood 9/14

Looks like the weather will be okay for Ridgewood. It was touch and go there but now the forecast says muggy but sunny. That's okay with me. As long as it does not rain. We still need to show up even in the rain and it makes for a miserable day. Constantly worried about your stock and trying to keep everything dry and zipped up tight. There are usually a few people looking around but the people who run the show would still like to make a go of it and hang around. I am so glad that the forecast said no rain. We have been lucky this past month and the sun has been shining on us!


We worked really hard on this 100 year old armoire. It needed alot of TLC but now is in great shape and ready to go. Has alot of storage. You can check out more pix at

Ahoy Matie

Did this great little chair for a boy who had a pirate theme room. Love the blue color.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting ready for Ridgewood

We are getting ready for the Ridgewood Street Fair. We had 3 shows in 2 weeks and now another one coming up. We are going to do the outside chairs and fence pieces and lots of fall plaques and of course we will have lots of great antiques. We are also hoping to start breaking out the doll furniture that we want to have ready for the holiday. We want to bring 2 doll beds with us to Ridgewood. After Ridgewood we then have about 4 weeks til our next show. We can use the break to start getting ready for Christmas! Visit and see all our new furniture pieces.

french provincial table.

This table was only about 40 years old. French provincial and solid. We painted it a creamy white and did burgundy and gold artwork. Love the look. We sold it at the Rutherford Antique Fair.

2 level table

We did this great little table for a customer. She loves antiques and wanted to make sure this one got a face lift so that she could incorporate it into her room. I put a little red in the artwork and that really made the black pop.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rutherford Antique Fair Sept 1st

We did the Labor Street Fair in Rutherford. It was it's 34th year. It was beautiful weather and we were set up between 2 sets of close friends which made for a relaxing and nice day. The crowds came out in droves. Lots of politicians walked by, cheerleaders and a few clowns. We saw alot of our customers. It was great to talk to them and we handed out alot of information. It made for an enjoyable day.

Monday, September 1, 2008

sage table

Sold this great sage green table at the Rutherford show. Love this color and how the roses look on it. It was a great show and a beautiful sunny day.

doll cradle

We got this great handmade vintage cradle and painted it a creamy white. We then handpainted sweet pink roses all around and my sister made a beautiful little bedspread that matched the roses. This piece was bought by a doll collector at the Rutherford Antique Fair. It did get us thinking about Christmas. We have been looking into acquiring beds and small doll furniture to fit the American Girl doll but we want it made in the USA. We found a retired couple who make all the furniture in Pennsylvania. We want to have it in the store by Christmas. Will keep you updated.