Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sold these great cradles at the Wayne Show. I really liked them because they had a big area for me to paint on. I also made the mattresses, blankets and little pillows. People loved them for the American Girl Doll. That was all I had. Hope to get more.

Wayne Valley

We did a show at Wayne Valley HS on Sunday. It must be our 20th time there, maybe more. We were very surprised that so many people came out. Everyone seemed in a good mood. We did sleds and christmas fences and doll furniture and our usual antiques. Things went well. I had thought with all the gloom and doom in the news that no one would be there or even be thinking about Christmas, but happily I was wrong. I also did a demonstration there. I will post pictures of the demonstration tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Getting ready for Wayne Valley show the past couple of weeks. Believe it or not we started our Christmas/Holiday items. They always start selling in October. Although, this is a funny year with the economy and election, it is anything but normal. I painted some sleds (which I have had a hard time finding this year) and my husband made the fences for outside again. It was alot of work. I am kind of out of the loop for painting snowmen and pointsettas. I had to get back into it. Even though I have seen Christmas in the stores ever since they put out school supplies! I am also demonstrating at this show again, which I enjoy. I will be doing a desk similar to the one I demonstrated on in August. Hope to see some of you there. Will post pictures of the show during the following week. If you would like to stop by the show visit www.handpaintedbycookie.com for directions.

antique pedestal table

This is a beautiful table. It is an antique pedestal table made of oak. Love it. I crackled the top and rubbed in some stain to show off the crackle. Then I handpainted roses all around the apron and just a few on the top. A lady bought it today for a little girl's room. How nice.

custom sign

I painted this sign for a dear customer who wanted to surprise her husband. She had me do this for him as a birthday present. I thought it was sweet. It was nice stretching myself and doing a landscape since I mostly do flowers on furniture. I enjoyed it and I hope he is surprised.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

another wardrobe

I painted this wardrobe/armoire for a customer. She recently had a similar one done. She needs lots of closet space. She came to the august antique show, saw this wardrobe by another dealer, asked me to take it home and paint it. We did it to coordinate with the previous one. Her room now looks as if it has an antique/victorian line of furniture. I love the colors she picked out.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

tea anyone?

I have been painting doll tea sets recently. Over the past 2 days I have finished 6. There is one set that was so miniature that I thought I was going insane trying to paint a rose on these tiny teacups. I think that one is "barbie" size. I also did a bunch that are "American Girl Size". It really is an eye strain. I am going to need a stronger prescription soon.

childrens furniture

I am starting to work on childrens furniture and having it ready in the store for customers for Christmas presents. I currently have 5 childrens chairs in the store right now. Great present for that special little someone in your life.


black windsor chair

Did a make over for this great old chair. The customer wanted it updated so that she could put it in the corner of her dining room.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I had this customer come in and ask me to paint some silver for her. It turns out this is old silver from a grandmother and she wants to pass it down to the children for Christmas presents. I think that is very thoughtful to give a sentimental gift like that and have it handpainted.

pink bed

Sold this great little pink doll bed the other day. The heart cut outs serve as handles. We made a mattress, pillow and blanket out of Racheal Ashwell fabric and then handpainted little roses to match on the headboard and footboard. It is really sweet.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Doll beds and more doll beds

Look at all these doll beds. Since this is new to me, I tried all different styles and colors of the bed making sure they had one thing in common, they were all made in the USA. Mostly Pennsylvania. I love the way they came out. I think my favorite is the pale pink one with the rose bedding. I also liked the bunk bed I did a couple weeks ago.

Hopefully some lucky little girl will receive one for Christmas.

Large oak chair

We recently did this chair for a customer. Black is very popular right now and I love how it looks with the toille.

See more black at www.handpaintedbycookie.com

Saturday, October 4, 2008

doll beds

We are trying something new. Doll Furniture. We have never done it before except for an occasional chair here or there. A couple of customers brought in beds for me to paint and so I started researching it. There are all different kinds but I decided to go with the beds that fit the 18 to 20" dolls (american girl.) My sister has helped me with the bedspreads, she sews excellent
and I have been learning to sew myself. How hard can it be right? YEAH RIGHT! Think I will stick with painting. So for now she sews the bedspreads and then I paint matching flowers on the headboard and footboard.