Saturday, November 29, 2008

room for 3

Look at this bed! It is a bunk bed with a pull out trundle. We have handmade mattresses for all three so that an extra doll can sleep in the trundle bed. We also made 2 bedspreads and pillows and I handpainted pretty flowers to match the bedding. Just for the doll lover!

personal gifts

I did these great porcelain boxes and hand mirrors for Christmas and I can make them to order according to what type of colors you like and then add a name. I love the way they came out.


Laura Ashley Beds

I found this great fabric with pastels and then one with little rosebuds. I did 3 beds white and then made spreads and pillows out of the fabric. They are very pretty. One of my favorite.

Doll Kitchen sets

I painted these great little kitchen table sets for dolls and made tablecloths out of Laura Ashley fabric. They are very girly. I love them! I then did little tea sets to match. They are, of course, Pink.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Demonstration Wayne Hills

I have this great old student desk. All wood and in great shape structurally. We painted this as a demonstration in Wayne. It is great to talk to the people about old furniture and painting while I am at a show. I enjoy it. We did it a creamy white and added black cherry roses. It was fun. Hope to demonstrate next week in Paramus.

Wayne Hills HS Nov 23

We did a show in Wayne Hills yesterday. It was not very crowded. The few shows we have done during this month have been busy. The attendance was a little light for us. We had lots of doll furniture and I did a demonstration. All in all was a good day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

friends cradle

I have a friend who is moving and she asked me if I could paint a cradle for dolls. I said sure because we are friends but also have mutual close friends and I really wanted to be a part of this big event in her life. And maybe take a little work off her shoulders. She stopped by and took this very large cradle (human size) out of her truck. I was surprised! She explained how she would like to arrange baby dolls in it and how sweet it would be in the corner of the room.

Wayne Hills HS Nov 23

We have been working and getting ready for Wayne Hills. It seems as though people are coming out and shopping, even though not spending as much, they are still shopping to celebrate Christmas. We are working on "Black". We have sold all our black pieces and have rushed to finish more for the Wayne Hills Show. We did a simple glass top table, an art deco style end table/bookstand and a telephone bench. And of course, we did lots more doll beds. That is our phrase for this season "doll beds". Need directions to show visit

Monday, November 17, 2008

more beds

These great beds sold over the weekend. One is a bunk bed with mattress, bedspread and pillow and one is a sweet little pink bed with Rachael Ashwell bedding. I love the pink rose print from Ashwell. I am out now but hope to find more. Love the colors.


Paramus Catholic HS

We did a craft show on Nov 16 at Paramus Catholic HS. We were not sure what to expect with the news telling us how bad the economy is. We even thought maybe this year people may stay home. We were pleasantly surprised that people came out. In fact, the place was pretty packed. Definitley as busy as last year. We sold alot of plaques. And a few doll beds. That seems popular this year. We are getting ready now for next week in Wayne Hills.

my friend's tent

One of my crafter friends who does amazing tags, checkbook covers, credit card holders, etc asked if I could liven up her blue tent. She thought it needed a little "pizazz". I painted 4 shades of blue flowers on it and added some yellow accents to brighten it up. Now when she is at a fair, people will have no problem finding her.

Monday, November 10, 2008

black & berries

We painted this great old oak chair a matte black and I then handpainted deep blue beeries and white flowers on the front, back and seat. I love the way the artwork pops on black.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holiday Time is Near!

getting ready for Christmas

I have been painting alot of china. Today I finished 4 more teapots (adult size) I have to bake the enamel paint now so that it is permanent. I really like to paint the china. It took me awhile to get used to it because the surface is slippery and the paint that you have to use is much thicker, almost like pudding. But I think these will be great gifts. You can't find anything like this anywhere else. So many things say handpainted on it and it is a decal. I also did alot of the silver and silverplate vintage trays. I think it is great to find a second life for them.

more pink

We did a small bench for dolls and we also did a child size rocker. All pretty in pink! I just finished today a bunk bed, another bed(pink) and a pretty cream colored bed with a blue ribbon and pink flowers. I have 2 of the bedspreads done and have to sew the 3rd.


The snowmen are here! We do these every year and write the name in the scarf on the ornament. People really like them because they are inexpensive and a good teacher/neighbor/whatever present. This year I am going to do some gingerbread men to mix it up. The plaques we do every year also and write names on them. This year we got a lighter wood so that you can hang it in the window with a suction cup. We have alot of condos around the store and wanted to do something that they could use also.

Doll furniture

I have been painting doll furniture for Christmas. Something new for me. They have these great little bedrooms with armoires that are dovetailed and actually miniatures of the real thing. I like to do these because I can paint them all kinds of girly colors and actually overdo them and they look great. I love pink and I painted these a pale pink with lots and lots of flowers.