Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paramus High School Craft Show

We did the Paramus show over the weekend on March 29. It seemed a little slow. People came but no one was buying. There were alot of new crafters. Just a few old faces. Many of the old ones have gone out of business or are only doing a few shows a year now. Hope things get better.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Handpainted flowers on door

I was at work one saturday and it was quiet and I had neglected to prepare and bring work with me. I had been wanting to paint the front of the bathroom door since I did the waterfall on the inside maybe last summer. I decided to throw up a spare piece of lavender wallpaper. I did not have any wallpaper paste so I used decoupage medium which is pretty much just glue. Then i worked in the flowers all around the edges. It took me 2 days to finish but it really brightens up the area behind the counter.

handpainted buffet/sideboard

We did this beautiful piece just recently. I love the olive green but have trouble adding artwork to it. I am never quite sure what colors work with it and it takes me awhile to figure it out. I have done the green before and put white flowers on it. When I put white flowers on this one, I hated it. At first I left it thinking I was staring at it way too much but then i went and sanded them off and repainted and started over. I was actually happy with this color combination. I kept it very muted and used dark colors. This also sold in Wayne and I only had it in the store for a week.

handpainted wardrobe shabby chic furniture

We had this beautiful wardrobe with us at Wayne Valley. It has a great closet space and deep drawers. We had to purchase a new mirror for it. I really liked the way it came out. I finished it just before the show and we brought it along. It sold right away so none of my regular customers at the store were able to see it. I hope to get another one soon. These are very useful pieces.

Wayne Valley Craft Show

We did a craft show in Wayne Valley HS last weekend. Since we hear all the gloom and doom on the TV we were not sure what to expect. Surprisingly people came out to walk around, chat, see what's new. I was a little under the weather with my second bout of the flu which made the day feel super long, but it was okay. I was glad we went.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Colonial Red tables

Did these great red tables. They are new hot color right now in painted furniture. I added a brown glaze. Love them.

Handpainted Easter at Handpainted Furniture

I purchased this egg vase to do as a donation for a raffle for my son's school. I was not sure how to paint it. I went to a thrift store to buy some blankets to use for wrapping the furniture for an upcoming show and I saw a smaller version of the egg there. I was really surprised because this was an unusual shape for me. I painted the larger one to match the smaller one and we are going to fill them and raffle them. http://www.handpaintedbycookie.com/

Handpainted Furniture, Handpainted Sign

Had a little too much time on my hands at the store finishing some projects a little quicker than I thought I would. I decided to paint inside this frame at the store. The frame originally came from a full length mirror we had bought for home. When my husband was putting it up, the screw was just a little to close to the mirror, and crack, the mirror broke. I said "Don't throw it out, I can use it at work!". He came down and hung it over the window for me so I could paint something in it. I thought this was a great idea since this was a "dead" space. Well, it is dead for a reason. As I was teetering on the top rung of a not so dependable ladder I realized I should have thought it through a little better. I don't heal as fast as I use to and really had quick a few "near misses". Well, now that it is done, it makes a nice addition to the wall, but I won't do it again.