This is a gallery of pictures of previously done buffets and cabinets that are transformed into storage for the kitchen, linen cabinets and media centers. These are not available for sale. The pictures are for reference so that you can pick out styles, colors, and artwork that you like
3 shades of gray
Teal and orange

Brown wash with black top
Off white with artwork

Gray and silver

Off white with tea stain and distressing

Linen wash with terra cotta top

Was a radio cabinet now used for linens

Was a dresser now used for a kitchen island--bright aqua

Olive with black glaze and white flowers

Gray wash over antique white was a radio cabinet

Now a liquor cabinet

Antique buffet creamy white

Green with black and brown stain

Was a buffet now a media center, creamy white with brown top

Green with brown stain

Ralph Lauren sage

Antique white with tuscany top for kitchen storage

Crackle effedt

Tuscany look with brown top

Tuscan look with brown top

Two tone off white and creamy white

Ralph Lauren beige with umber

Olive green with brown stain

off white with tea stain

Very very pale green

green with black stain

mushroom wash

white with antiqued edge was a record cabinet now a storage cabinet

RED!! with a dark brown glaze

Ralph lauren beige

2 tone green
white with purple flowers was a record cabinet now a linen cabinet