Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hand Painted Antique Vanity

I did this vanity for a teenage girl. The Mom had stopped by and said she had pottery barn blue furniture. she gave me a knob to match the color. I thought it was a bit bright at first but when I added the material they picked out and the darker knobs they wanted, I thought it was beautiful. Love the pop of color!!! It looked so gorgeous in the girls room. This is not available in our store, this was a private job. For vanities that we currently have in the store, visit the website:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hand painted vintage furniture, handpainted dresser

I picked up this very functional dresser. Small enough to fit anywhere. I painted it an antique white and took off the colonial hardware. Was not sure what to do with it. Then, a customer came in with a mirror that she had purchased online. It as painted a dark green with bright flowers. I loved the color combination. I also had this vintage pulls that had the perfect patina for it. I asked her if I could use her piece for inspiration. I will definitely do more of this combination. Just sold today. We do not have this piece anymore but do have similar pieces. Please visit our store website to see what is available.

hand painted vintage furniture, handpainted desk

This was a great desk suitable for a child. I painted it a sage green and changed out the hardware to glass knobs. This is the original chair that went with the desk. It came out great. I love this green with the burgundy roses. It was sold to a young girl for her room. We do not have this available right now, but do have other desks. Please link to the website.

Hand painted antique childs chair

This is a great story. This was an old high chair that belonged to a man's Dad. He used it when he was small. He was getting married and wanted to paint it to surprise his bride and put it in their home. I love these sentimental stories when people have an attachment to things and are able to give them new life and use them again.
This piece was privately owned and is not available in the store. To see what we currently have, link to our website.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hand painted antique hand made bench

We made this beautiful bench from an old headboard and footboard. It is full size. It is painted a creamy white with an antique glaze. We added a cushion with Laura Ashley fabric. It is currently in the store, but please check our website to see if it is still available.

Handpainted Antique Vanity

We did this beautiful old piece that needed some TLC. It was pretty abused when we bought it. We changed out the hardware, installed a new mirror and added a kidney shaped bench. It is painted a creamy white. It is currently in the store but please check the website to see if it is still available.