Monday, August 4, 2008

New finds

Over the past week we found some beautiful old pieces that need some TLC but will make a great addition to the store. We purchased a beautiful old desk/vanity. It needs some work but has beautiful hardware, which is all there, that is unusual. Hope to have this done before Christmas. We also purchased a large dresser with a dome shape top and it stands on legs. It is over 100 years old. This piece needs so much work! I am not sure when this will be ready but it is a beautiful old piece. We also got a tall dresser with incising from the 30's. This piece is in relativly good shape except it needs hardware. It is now painted a lime green. We definitely need to "refresh" that color.
We currently have turned out thoughts to Fall and painting pumpkin plaques and starting to think of the holidays. Can you believe it. But since we do everything by hand, we need to start now. With 90 degree weather it is hard to think of painting snowmen.

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