Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Past

I was packing up all the ornaments, Christmas decorations and items in the store today. Putting some away and donating others. I was sad the season was over and instead of ending with a bang, it ended with a thud. The bad weather over the weekend kept people away along with the ailing economy and the customers tendency to just head to a mall and not shop locally. I was sad. So many nice things that I worked extremely hard on, never found a home. I worked hard on the new ornaments and plaques--trying new things and ideas suggested by customers. They were never seen. I know I have no control over the weather or the lack of snow plowing along the street in front of the store but it still was quite bittersweet. Here's to a new year. I am turning my thoughts towards hearts, bunnies and easter eggs. Getting ready for Valentines Day and Easter. Happy New Year to all.

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