Sunday, November 28, 2010


This cabinet was quite a project. When we originally purchased it, it was green and a large radio cabinet. We removed the insides and sanded it down to get off the old finish. We then added a shelf and a new back to it and of course, my favorite, glass knobs. I took alot of time and handpainted large bouquets on the sides and flowers on the front and top. I think it came out beautiful. It went to a wonderful customer who loves collectibles and antiques and crafts in general. This pieces is no longer availalbe but please link to our website to see what we do have in the store right now.

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Mickie said...

What a transformation! This piece came out beautiful!! I love going to yardsales and picking up someone's retired furniture and bringing it home and giving it a facelift. I think it's great to recycle and repurpose. I just started a new website where people can go to share/ get ideas & tips for their projects. I love seeing what other people are working on.