Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beatiful day today

The gorgeous weather outside is calling me to go outside and work. I actually love when the weather is near 50 like this. I can work outside, the neighbors stop by and chat, my son plays basketball while I am working (and accidentally--and constantly--keeps hitting the furniture with the ball) I need to get outside today and start a few projects to be ready for the spring season. I have been cooped up inside and yesterday while at the store I did nearly 48 easter eggs. Going batty! Ready to be outside and painting. I also keep checking the website and tweeking it. It is like an addiction. I keep looking at it, looking at it, looking at it. I think I have figured out how to add flash. I can use the slideshow from Picasa and embed it. I want to add sound now and have it figured out, I think. Am not sure what music to use. Any suggestions?

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