Friday, February 6, 2009


I have a contract for my website. It is kind of like a cell phone contract. You have to renew it every year or it is deleted. I had an inexpensive, do it yourself, website. Only $50.00 a year. Very small amount of memory. I thought maybe it was time to upgrade. Since we have the store, we have alot of items that I do not bring to the shows or have on the web. I thought well I will just ask for more memory. But it is like buying a car, once you see all the bells and whistles you feel like you have to have more. So I decided to get 5GB (why I need that much I do not know) of memory and the ability to add sound and video and flash. And unlimited pages. Why I need unlimited pages--who knows! Not realizing it is just more to take care of. Kind of like getting the big house and then complaining you have to clean it! So I got all my pictures and info ready and it took me about 2 weeks to carve out 3 hours of time alone to sit and do the website. Boy, was I naive! 3 days later, with the laundry and dishes taking over the house, I finished. Have not added any sound or video yet, which I thought I so desparately needed (?). Please go take a look.

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