Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vintage shabby chic furniture

We have prepped and painted quite a bit of furniture to get ready for Spring. We will hit the road again in March to do shows. There is a good show on February 22 in Demarest but we opted out. We were not ready, and not sure with the economy, if anybody would come. It seems like with so much gloomy news and bailout and stimulus talk, people are not interested in going to an antique or craft show. But, unfortunately there is no bailout money for you and I. We have to keep going. So we are painting alot of pieces hoping for the best. We want to pull apart the store and get ready for the new season. Whether people come and buy or just stop in to chat and see what's new (which I welcome) we shall see. We found a pair ( which is so unusual) of matching armoires. We have only painted one. And we are also doing a sideboard, china cabinet, a few side tables and also some small items for Easter. http://www.handpaintedbycookie.com/

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